Scary Times

Hi All,
Those who follow our blog might have noticed the long time in between posts.  This summer has been a doozy.  The biggest hurdle has been the health of my Mom (Carol) and Andy’s Dad (Darrell).  Darrell had a quadruple bypass followed by weeks of life-threatening complications.  He has been hospitalized several times for at least a month.  He has had to travel back and forth every other day for i.v. antibiotics for most of the summer.  I am happy to say that he is finally doing much better.  I know he is itching to take the kids fishing!!

My Mom, Carol had a stroke early this summer.  After about 5 days in the Buffalo OK hospital she was released.  After a few days of trying to take care of her at home it became clear to Tracie (my sister) and I that she wasn’t ready to be home.  After some finagling I got her admitted to the Hays Medical Center Stroke Rehabilitation unit.  She spent 10 days there and came out so much better.  Since that time she has spent most of her time with us here in Hays (with a visit to Tracie in Waynoka).  She has physical therapy three times a week and also has been tending to some long overdue health issues.  I am happy to report that she is doing much better.  She has progressed from a wheelchair, to a walker, to a cane and is now pretty much walking around the house by herself.  It is still a slow progress to rebuild her strength, balance and confidence.  In the meantime we have so enjoyed having Grandma Carol to ourselves.  Living 3 hours from Buffalo, my kids haven’t had as many opportunities to be with their Grandma – that has all changed now.  The funniest thing is that Gabe can’t say “Grandma” he calls her “Grandpa”.  Grandma says she doesn’t mind one bit!!


Grandma Carol in the hospital with Grace and Jackson

Grandma Carol in the hospital with Grace and Jackson

Gabriel and his "Grandpa"

Gabriel and his "Grandpa"

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